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Skydiving instructor dies day after parachute doesn’t open during jump

A skydiving instructor critically injured during a tandem jump with a customer on Saturday has died, CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV reports.



The instructor, whose name hasn’t been released, was hurt when a parachute didn’t open during the jump, according to the local sheriff’s office.It happened around noon on Saturday in Waller County, northwest of Houston.



The male instructor and female client were airlifted to a trauma center, Skydive Houston, the instructor’s company said.

The instructor died Sunday, the company said, adding that the student was reported to have serious but non-life-threatening injuries.



A witness who lives nearby told KHOU the first parachute failed to open, so one of the skydivers cut it off. A second, backup chute opened halfway.



The witness said one of the skydivers was conscious when they landed and the other wasn’t.

The company has stopped jumps while the incident is being investigated and the Federal Aviation Administration has been notified.

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